Work order, mobile workforce management

Trash the paperwork

With Coredination - the end to end workflow management solution for your business - you can reduce paperwork and improve the flow in your mobile business.

A mobile workflow that spans your entire business

Stream-line and work more effectively.

Manage jobs wherever you are

Whether you're in the office or out, you can create, schedule, change and monitor your jobs regardless of where you might be located.

Correct and timely information

There's only one single, shared copy of information. All orders, jobs and time sheets always available and linked to the customer. When changes are made or new information is added, it's updated in a matter of seconds.

Plan and coordinate

Coordinate your work geographically with GPS location services, map and routing functionality. Plan jobs in calendar and schedule views. Schedule, assign and get feedback immediately with push messaging.

From order to invoice

Manage jobs all the way from order reception to customer invoice. The history of all your jobs will always be a few clicks away. All details such as time and materials, notes, photos and documentation are saved indefinitely.

Coredination enables us to have a complete overview of the business, and we never miss invoicing anything. We have grown from four to eight employees while time spent on administration and invoicing has decreased.
Anders Irekvist, CEO Hagtorn
Thanks to Coredination we save more than two days of admin per month, which means more time in the field and generate additional revenue. Plus, I don't have the hassle and chaos of paperwork any more.
Tero Saareks, CEO BMF

Take control of invoicing

Increase profitability, improve liquidity and reduce administration.

Don't miss anything

Giving field workers an easy-to-use tool for reporting on location is the best way to ensure that reporting is timely and accurate. In other words, you'll dramatically reduce the risk of accidentally missing hours or materials that should be invoiced.

Reduce lead times

Speed up your processes and invoice more continuously. You'll receive time sheets and reports within seconds of a job being completed.

Invoice with a click

The work has already been done. Jobs and reports are compiled into an invoice with a click. The service keeps track of what is invoiced and not. Invoice jobs separately, customer-by-customer or project-by-project. How, when and where it suits you.

Work more closely with your customers

Make a professional impression.

Responsive business

When a customer calls, regardless of who they call, they can get straight answers right away. The latest events and details about a job is available anywhere, anytime.

Total transparency

Send order and delivery confirmations automatically. Share jobs via e-mail to the customer upon completion. Sharing a job can be done statically as a PDF, or as a link, allowing the customer to follow up on the progress of the job.

Document your way out of trouble

Take photos on site where the work is performed and attach to the job. Add notes, time and materials as the job progresses. Let the customer sign electronically on delivery. All of the documentation can be shared with the customer.

Customer portal

Let your customer place and follow up orders themselves. We offer professional services for building a portal that you can embed in your website. You can also use our API free of charge if you have your own development team.

Our clients work within the following industries:

Service - Construction - Facility Management - Transportation

Some of our clients

Simple but powerful

An easy to use yet powerful service that covers a large span of business needs.

Asset management

Keep track of machinery or property. Relate jobs and reports to these and you get fantastic follow-up and history on individual assets.

Requires Coredination Plus

Recurring orders

Running contracts or otherwise recurring jobs, i.e. 'delivery every tuesday at 10:00', can be managed automatically and the delivery jobs are collected within one single order.

Requires Coredination Plus

Route planning and optimization

Multiple jobs can be collected into a route, which gets optimized and calculated based on driving distance and time. The driver app (Android) is optimized to give the driver support without requiring any interaction.


Connect to your business' other systems, create your own specialized tools, advanced import/export. Our open API makes anything possible. Free e-mail support from our developers is included.

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