Trash the paperwork
Coredination is a flexible automated mobile workflow management solution. Built on a broad code base to allow nearly unlimited levels of customisation. Coredination’s main differentiator is that it is not an individual workflow solution, rather a platform that can manage numerous workflow situations. The main focus is to remove paperwork, stream-line activities and communications and work more effectively. At the same time improve customer service and engagement.


Manage jobs wherever you are

Manage jobs wherever you are

It doesn't matter if you're in or out of the office when your customer calls. You can create, schedule, change and monitor your jobs on the web or via our app on your smartphone.

Realtime updates

Reduce the risk of errors and unhappy customers. All users share the same view of the same information. Change, supplement or add notes to an active job and the assigned workers will be notified within seconds.

Monitoring bliss

Powerful planning and monitoring tools allow you to be in complete control of how work is progressing. Users can operate from their own job list and can update their status with a single click.

Responsive business

When a customer calls, regardless of who they call, they can get straight answers right away. The latest events and details about a job is available anywhere, anytime.

Coordination and Location

Keep track of who's doing what, when and where. No matter where you are.

Share the Where

Use the GPS in your smartphone to let colleagues know where you are. Share activity/status with a single click and they'll also know what you're up to.

Plan Geographically

Increase efficiency by having a geographical view of your business available to you at all times. Users have a shared map view of jobs, workers, vehicles and places (Points of Interest).

Total Privacy

Everyone is in control of what they share and with whom. Turn on your cloaking device (stop sharing location temporarily) with a single click.

Planning and Scheduling

Plan and schedule work simply and efficiently.

Plan and schedule with a click

Plan and schedule your team and jobs from once central location. Schedule your jobs using lists, calendar and scheduling views. Plan by drag-and-drop.

Order management

Keep track of customer orders and their progress in the delivery process. Use recurring orders to automatically create periodic jobs.

Route planning

Combine several jobs/deliveries into a route and assign it to a driver. The optimal route including driving time and distance is calculated and checked so that delivery times are feasible.

Work Reports

Timesheets in a paperless environment.


Reporting on your smartphone is quick and easy. When users select 'Finished' on a job the work report is opened automatically. Hours, distance and other details are pre-filled, from status updates, during completion of the job.

Track your time

Users have a list of previous work reports and can see how many hours they've accumulated during the current week and month.


Report templates specify what's to be included in a report. Use different report templates for different types of jobs. Workers can also create ad-hoc reports not tied to a job (i.e for internal work).


Get your invoices out the door right after delivery.

Decrease lead times

Reports are available within seconds of completion of a job. You no longer have to wait for reports to be produced. Plus, they tend to be more correct as they are filled out right there on the job.


Compile reports into invoices with a single click on the web. Skip the hassle of trying to read paper reports written with poor handwriting whilst on the job.

It's in the cloud and on your phone

Get started within a couple of minutes. Try it for 14 days free!

No server hardware or complicated installations needed. It's in the cloud, constantly monitored and rigorously backed up. All you need is a smartphone (Android or iPhone) and (occasionally) a web browser.

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