Engagement & Pricing

We understand that all clients have different needs, so we offer flexible engagement and pricing models depending on your needs and involvement with Coredination.

A functional workflow and asset management solution involves more than software. It requires our full understanding of your requirements and challenges. We work with you to map out each step of the processes to ensure maximum utilisation of all resources including people, vehicles and assets.

Coredination Enterprise

This is our premium, full service solution, tailored to clients with complex needs, focusing on delivering best practice workflow efficiency across the entire enterprise.

As an enterprise client, we will work with you in a partnership arrangement where you get full access to our technical experts and professional services teams to develop a best of breed solution. A major advantage of working with Coredination is that we collect data from every touchpoint on the workflow, which will be used for a continued workflow process improvement.

We will deliver this as an all-inclusive agreement based on a package of consulting services, training, support and software. We will also ensure seamless integration to your operations and ERP solutions as part of the delivery.

Coredination Enterprise engagement can be on an all-inclusive unlimited user agreement, or a per user basis, all depending on your requirements. As part of an enterprise arrangement you can include all your partners, clients and contractors in your solution with the same level of access.


Coredination API

If you have your own web and mobile solution but need additional functionality such as workflow, geo-fencing, routing, asset management or ERP integration, we can connect you to the full suite of Coredination functionality.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.


Coredination Essentials

For clients with a smaller need we have a range of standard subscription packages. These packages still give you state of the art workflow and asset management.

Coredination Essential is supplied on a self-service basis, but don’t worry, we will not leave you on your own. You have access to our kick start packages to get you started. You will also get email support if you have any questions.

You can also access the full Coredination professional services, support and training services on a pay as you go basis. We are only a call away.

Many of our clients start with Essential and move to Enterprise as their needs grow.


Essentials Time
$19 AUD
per user, per month
When you just
want to log hours
Essentials Jobs
$49 AUD
per user, per month
Full workflow
Essentials Plus
$59 AUD
per user, per month
Get all the features
Contact us
Bespoke solutions
Get all the features
Work reports
Create work reports (web & mobile)
Log hours, materials and expenses
Customer directory
Item directory
Follow-up and statistics
Job dispatch, planning and scheduling
Field worker job handling (mobile)
Create, plan and dispatch jobs (web & mobile)
Electronic customer signature
Photo and document attachments
Calendar and scheduling views
Templates, custom fields
Assignment with accept/decline option
Broadcast dispatch
Share jobs via e-mail (link or PDF)
Location services and workforce management
User location tracking
Mapping features
User status reporting
Vehicle and asset tracking
Extended planning and dispatch
Asset management
e.g. facilities, machinery, items for rent
Custom forms
e.g. service checklists, inspection, assessment
Customer order handling (web)
Field worker support for routes (mobile)
Group jobs geographically and create routes (web)
Route planning and optimization
Recurring customer orders and jobs
Compile jobs and reports into invoices
Partial invoicing of ongoing jobs
Price lists
Customer specific pricing
Multiple currencies
Phone support Premium 2nd line
E-mail support Premium tailored
Training One skype session
One skype session
Premium tailored
Private cloud Optional
On-premises deployment Optional
Custom client applications Optional

Coredination Kickstart Packages

As a self-service Coredination Essentials client you may need a bit of help in setting up. We have developed a range of Kickstart packages to suit your needs..

Kickstart Basics
one time fee
Kickstart Plus
one time fee
Kickstart Ultimate
one time fee
Organisations looking for a standard workflow setup and guidance in getting started with Coredination. We will work with you to set up your first orders, jobs templates etc.
For organisations with a more complex need, Plus will ensure we spend enough time together to get you going.
For organisations with a more complex workforce and asset management need that are not ready for enterprise. We will work with you to ensure you get the best value from Coredination Essentials.
  • Includes a 2 hour online setup session
  • Two 2 hour training sessions (online)
  • 1 week of phone support

  • Scoping session to define your needs
  • Setup session based on scope
  • 6 training sessions
  • 2 weeks of phone support
Scoping session with a core consultant to define and understand your needs and deliver to this.