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Working on Jobs Android
For workers on how to accept, complete and report your work on Android smartphones and tablets.
For workers on how to accept, complete and report your work on the web.
Execute routes Android
For workers, on how to accept and execute a route on your Android phone or tabelet.
For supervisors, on how to create, plan and schedule routes on the webben.
Invoicing Web
For administrators, on how to compile jobs and reports and turn them into invoices on the webben.
How to use Coredinations inbuilt functionality for following up jobs and timesheets, for quick and simple analysis using statistics and graphs.
Templates Web
For administrators, on how to create and edit temples for orders, jobs and reports. Templates can be used to have prepopulated fields, hide fields ro add custom fields§.
Asset Management Web, Android, iOS
For administrators, on how to manage assets (machines, buildings etc) and how to connect jobs to them.
Orders Web
How you use order management in Coredination. (Single or recuring orders)
How you create and use forms such as inspection forms or equipment service checklist.
General information on symbols, colours and how they are used in Coredination.
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